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Ensuring you have a comfortable stay at their hotels is a high priority to Holiday Inn.

Ensuring Holiday Inn have the best marketing materials, the perfect menus and are represented correctly is a high priority to Skinny Rhino.
Holiday Inn Bankend Bar & Brasserie Menu

Menu Design

Having a restaurant onsite, Holiday Inn needed a variety of Menus, which not only enticed people in, but also tied in together. This included a Main A3 Menu, a folded Room Service menu, a Wine menu and Dessert menu. All these had to be long-lasting as they needed to be used all year round and obviously surrounded by food and drink, they need to be hardwearing, so we matt laminated them for protection.

Photography Shoots

Commercial Photography

Exterior, interior and food photography, we’ve done it all for Holiday Inn Dumfries. Great quality photography can truly enhance any business, but it is especially important in the hospitality sector when presentation is paramount. Holiday Inn really made our job easy with such photogenic subjects, stunning architecture set in the picturesque Crichton Estate, contemporary interiors and perfectly plated dishes.

Holiday Inn Brochure

Brochure Design

Guests and visitors being able to take away a strong piece of print after their stay is important for a hotel. High quality paper stock, images and informative text are all necessary when creating something that people WANT to pick up and read.

Holiday Inn Roller Banners

Roller Banners & PVC Banners

To help promote Holiday Inn in the local area, visual aids were needed – a triplicate of Roller Banners were produced to advertise the hotel itself, wedding events and staff recruitment. The PVC banner was necessary to advertise the restaurant, which couple be used not only by the hotel guests but the general public too. Two of these were produced, one to be outside all year round and the other to be displayed inside a local gym.

Social Media

Skinny Rhino have worked closely alongside Holiday Inn to produce a series of social media posts including Hog roast events, The lead up to Christmas, Charity events (including the 3 Peaks Challenge) and a Wedding Fayre event.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were the social media platforms of choice for these posts.

Holiday Inn Wedding advertisement

Wedding Fayre Promotion

Conferences and special events take a lot of promotion and lead up to be a success, that’s where Skinny Rhino comes in! Wedding Fayres in particular need to be publicised in the correct way to ensure the event goes smoothly and is well received! PVC Banners to advertise the event from the roadside, a brochure with key information to advertise the event and posts on social media were used for this event.

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