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As a vehicle lubrication specialist, it can be difficult making your product ‘stick’ – this is where Skinny Rhino stepped in and helped create a long-term marketing solution, involving Packaging, Print, Social Media and a Website.

A complete brand and marketing campaign was needed – we happily obliged.
Activ8 Packaging Design


We created new packaging designs for their existing products, including boxes and plastic bottles. We brought in a graphic element to represent the reduction of friction – going from red to green.

Our first project was to design labels for their two aerosol-canned chain care products. Because of a change in European packaging regulations, we took the opportunity to redesign these can labels, bringing them in-line with the already updated Friction Reducer packaging.

Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design and Development

Development of a new ecommerce online store has brought Activ8’s brand together. We trained the team to be able to process orders, manage products and update content pages. The site has account access for trade only customers, with special prices and ordering – simplifying the ordering process was a key function. 

Activ8 Exhibition space

Exhibition Displays

With the attendance of many exhibitions throughout the year, we produced exhibition backdrops and roller banners which were all easy to manage, transport and adaptable to different stand layouts and sizes.

Activ8 Banners and Flyers

Promotional Flyers and Adverts

Flyers are an important part of Activ8 marketing. We designed and printed general flyers for each product range and also dealer specific flyers, these are in the 1,000s. Occasionally we produce short run flyers for one-off events and offers. We also designed a range of press adverts to help raise brand awareness.

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