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Menus Designed, Printed and Laminated

Starting out in the restaurant business can be difficult – especially when you have the vast overheads of kitting out a modern kitchen, fully-stocked bar not to mention figuring out a comprehensive menu!

We worked closely with the Tweedie family to ensure that the branding and design of their new restaurant ‘Tweedie’s Empire Bar & Eatery‘ was created in time with their opening schedule plus make it as easy as we could for them (after-all, they’ve got plenty on their ‘plate’ as it is!)


Starting from scratch, Tweedie’s left the brief quite broad when coming to us for branding, unsure of what they wanted as a brand – This was fun for Hoggett Creative and meant we could have some fun with it! We knew that the signage above the front door would be the deciding factor when designing a logo and colour scheme so we started there! We knew Tweedie’s would need a panoramic logo (wide screen) for their main signage and then for internal usage a circular logo would be used.

We went with a script based logo to give a traditional, clean design – this is mirrored in colour scheme as black and white. Tweedie’s decided to go with accent colour based on each use (Red and green for Christmas, Gold for VIP events etc..

Menu Design

Along with the restaurant, a menu was needing to be designed. After receiving the menu items from Tweedie’s we set about designing a menu that wasn’t just informative/easy to read but that was interesting and fitted in well with the Tweedie’s brand. Not only did we design a Restaurant menu, but also an Exterior A1 Menu and Takeaway menus.

Opening event print

Tweedie’s decided on a ‘Gin and Prosecco’ evening to promote the opening of the restaurant and an A5 flyer was decided on the best way to promote this. A text based design was chosen as this would accompany the Tweedie’s brand.


Apart from the main restaurant signage on the shop front, which was cut from Acrylic and used stand offs, we wanted to make the interior of the restaurant stand out just as much as the front. We did this with large matte black logo vinyls on two of the walls (this would ensure when customers take photos, the Tweedie’s logo would be visible – this long-term thinking ensures social media content is always updated with branded imagery). We also covered the kitchen windows in etched glass effect vinyl, still allowing light to penetrate but without feeling enclosed, this was then covered with matching matt black vinyl imagery of food silhouettes and script text.

Tweedie’s has a glass fronted location, we knew we wanted to include some etched window graphics to entice people inside on ground level so we used the circular logo on the doors.

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