About Us

We are a small but mighty Creative Agency and Commercial Printer Management Specialist based in Dumfries and Galloway. We may be small but we pack a mean punch, offering you the whole package ensuring the best quality and highest standards.

Some people take pride in being ordinary, but that’s just not us. We’re a creative bunch who love to go above and beyond, we live to be different and bring something original to everything we do. Our passion is blending design and strategy to help our clients think beyond the ordinary.

“The difference between ordinary
and extraordinary is that little extra”

We believe in passionate people, no matter their background or years of experience and it’s all about getting the right people together. Our small team is made up of an eclectic mix of passions and personalities, all individuals who work creatively together to create something magical.

Being a creative agency means having highly skilled people in design practice, digital communications and brand thinking. A brand is not just about how it looks, it isn’t just one thing, it is everything. We believe branding is a key part of business strategy and so at the heart of our business is getting to know yours.

So, what does Skinny Rhino actually do? Our day job can take many forms; The meticulous design of a logo, the soggy boots of a forestry photoshoot with our partners Rhino Photography or the precision of creating a pixel perfect website – the list is endless. No matter the task, it all starts with those great ideas that reach out, engage and emotionally connect with people. You could say we’re jacks of all trades and masters of… well, you decide.

Our Team

Meet our team of creative specialists.
A headshot of Simon Woolley
Creative Director

Sharks never sleep and neither do I. I always do my best to improve my business and create more opportunities for yours.

A headshot of Dietlind Woolley
Managing Director

I’m the official tea maker and wage payer here at Skinny Rhino. I keep the wheels in motion. I’m a rabbit whisperer and tropic lover.

A headshot of Claire Campbell
Designer/Social Media

I’m a Doonhamer who loves a strong cuppa at the perfect shade of PANTONE 7591 C. I am the social (media) butterfly of the team.

A headshot of Duncan Hewitt
3D Visuals

Using state-of-the-art solid modelling and 2D CAD tools, I can produce drawings or files for manufacture or communication purposes.

A headshot of Darren Kier
Web Developer

I’m the team member who makes your website a reality!  I’m an adrenaline junky and love theme parks and rollercoasters!

An image of Bolt the dog
Office Dog/Security

Bolt is the office dog, he likes long walks on the beach, cuddles in front of a warm fire and hard bones.