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Needing a mixture of Photography/Video, Image editing and Exhibition design, HHH came to us and we discussed possibilities to increase public engagement.

As a national company, HHH didn’t want their brand becoming diluted so chose Skinny Rhino to help with marketing/design projects.
HHH Photography

Commercial Photography & Video

When hiring out vehicles of a certain calibre, many clients may need to see the capabilities of said vehicles. Having high-quality, dynamic photography and video is vital. On several different shoots including DSLR, GoPro and Drone footage, our partner Rhino Photography were able to capture these vehicles in their working environment.

Image Processing

With the raw footage acquired, it was time to make them more visually appealing! A visual style was created, showing off certain aspects of the machinery, mainly the Rototilt equipment used. Along with the static images, Video clips were cut together and developed into a series of clips to be used on Social Media and YouTube.

HHH Photography
HHH Exhibition Space
HHH Exhibition Space

Exhibition Design

Part of Skinny Rhino’s role with clients is to adapt previous designs and marketing tools to keep up with changes in design/views of businesses, for HHH this involved taking the existing Exhibition set up they had, and add the new style to it. A shipping container (which HHH uses as their offsite showroom) was adapted to reflect the artwork.

Social Media Snapchat filter

Social Media Management

HHH was keen to build their audience and brand awareness on social media, from adding their branding to photography and video projects to creating Snapchat filter frames for events such as the Black Isle Show. The filters were exclusive to event attendees and gained a reach of 17,600 views.

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