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Leaflets Designed, Printed and Laminated

Charity Challenge specialise in organising trips all around the UK and the World for Charity Walks, Adventures and experiences.

To help promote and advertise these events; Flags, Banners and Leaflets were designed and produced.

Roller Banners/Flags

Raising over £50 million for over 1800 charities, operating over 6 continents, in over 30 countries is demanding. For a client with such a highly esteemed record, only the best is good enough. Due to the fast-paced nature of these challenges the turnaround time for these items was almost non-existent but Skinny Rhino managed to design, produce and finish two varieties of Flags and 3 varieties of Roller banners (with multiples of each).

Charity Challenge Flyers


With 9 different activities, in over 30 countries ranging from Moderate to Extreme, Leaflets were needed to advertise each challenge. These would be taken all around the world, in different climates to be offered to participants after they completed the event.

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