• Welcome to the world of Jamesie Burns

    A Scottish Children’s Character Inspired by the Landscape and Work of Robert Burns

The historical tales of Jamesie Burns is a new series of children’s books

Published in South West Scotland, Jamesie’s adventures begin with the first of our titles ‘Jamesie Burns and the Bicycle Thieves’

Young Jamesie and his friends are gallous and adventurous; their adventures are set in 1840s Dumfriesshire, an area and time rich in history and literature. We will be publishing a new Jamesie Burns title every Burns Night for the foreseeable future, to pay homage to Scotland’s National Bard, who our young hero bears an uncanny resemblance to!

All the illustrations within Jamesie Burns and The Bicycle Thieves have been lovingly created by Pete Bell, a brilliantly talented illustrator from Dumfries & Galloway.

Pete specialises in pen drawings; his cartoon style is mixed with incredible detail and appears to be effortlessly encapsulated within his characters faces and posture.

Jamesie Burns and the Bicycle Thieves


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Ian Barr


Pete Bell


Simon Woolley

Creative Director

Made in Dumfries & Galloway
A local project by local people